Foodie Files: Ethnosh 2.0

D and I planned to go to the Ethnosh event on the first.  This was a nice date to celebrate eleven months in our relationship.  Ethnosh is a great way of discovering local ethnic food in the greater Greensboro area. The event runs from 6-8PM and costs $5 to get in. The first was was at a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Hien Vuong.  It was pretty successful and the food was awesome.  This time we took our tastebuds to DaSaRang, a local Korean restaurant that sat in the FantaCity shopping center.

I've always seen this place and wanted to try but never really had the courage to go inside.

Two our of a few of the hosts/hostesses that greeted us.  We met them during the first event.
Photo courtesy of Todd Drake

Photo courtesy of Todd Drake

The way in looked on the inside threw me off. On the outside it just looks like a small shop but the inside was so warm and quaint.  There rice wine and food in hands and K-pop blasting over the audio system. It was already busy when we arrived.  The Lee family were very hospitable and encouraged us to eat until our bellies were full and happy.  While in line and while we ate, we chatted it up with a few people and met a nice artist by the name of Todd Drake.  He was covering the photography for the event.  I laced a few a his photos in this post.

The spread was unbelievable.

Photo courtesy of Todd Drake
I got captured taking photos of the food.  I love being a foodie.

So good!  Our plate consisted of rice, Kimchi, Bulgogi, pickled veggies, Jap Chae, and Kimchi pancakes.  It was a very different experience to my extensive palate.

Love enjoyed his food.  He said it took him back to when he was younger and used to eat Kimchi with his father.

I was so excited to get my food.  It was so delicious and I loved that they offered a lot of vegetarian options as well as hot and cold options.  I have to get used to eating food that is intentionally cold that isn't salad, ice cream, or sushi. Shame on me.  Overall I had an awesome time.

P.S. I really need to revive First and Last Bite. Events like these spark my creativity and make me want to post more.  I also need to get better at that.

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