Winter is Coming...

I been gone for a minute now I'm back at the jump off...  what's up folks?  How have you all been? Your holiday?  Mine has been great! I feel so bad for neglecting my blog but real life hit me.  It make me happy that's I'm still getting hits during the downtime.  Well... I picked up a second job and planning out big moves.  I am working hard and finding time to relax all while maintaining my creativity.  My schedule is all over the place, appetite is thrown off, and in serious need for repair when it comes to my dwelling.  I am doing an awaken challenge to wake up my inner yogi, day one down and it feels so good.  I am also gathering old things and clearing them from my apartment.  Decluttering the space declutters the mind.  I'm more of a winter cleaning person anyway. I am preparing my home for the end of fall so that when winter and the new year gets here, I won't feel like I am drowning in my belongings. 

As far as for my creativity, I have bought canvas to paint on, been crocheting, and purchasing a camera with better quality to provide more visual stimulation for you all.  I have also been cooking up a storm; I'm working on a mini soup series: chicken noodle, butternut squash, etc.  I LOVE the fall/winter months. 

So, how will you spending your final month of 2013?

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